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My son, T.J., is always wanting to show off it work. Be it scrapbook pages he does, crafts I teach his class, his Lego creations or his yard sale finds. So, this is his page!



I haven't figured out how to make these separate posts or if you can on this page, but here is one of his latest lego creations. Notice the robot droid has been destroyed. Mean old yucky robot droid. So there!



Ain't he cute? Don't you just want to pinch those sweet little cheeks?
(Okay, he's going to make me delete this part if he reads it).
This was his bestest yard sale find. $2.00 for a Rescue Heroes Aircraft Carrier. There are a few pieces missing, but it still works (battery powered lights and voice).

I think this is what finally convinced him that yard sale-ing is fun. Hard work with lots of yucky home stuff that Mommy spends HOURS looking at . . . but fun when you score a mongo-huge toy like this for 2 smackaroos!

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