Monday, November 19, 2007

Every Other Wednesday

Shhhhhhhh . . . it's OUR secret and we don't want it going public (yeah, that's why I'm posting it on the internet!). Every other Wednesday when I am off work, I bring my son to McDonalds and then we go to the park (conveniently located next to McDonald's) to play before he has to go to school. Yes, we could have slept in a little, yes, he does get his uniform dirty sometimes, yes, it's dark and foggy most of the mornings we do this, but we both LOVE it. I love it because I'm making one of those fun memories for my son, where hopefully when he is grown he will say "Mommy, remember when you used to take me to the park and let me play on Wednesdays before school?" He loves it because there is no one there and he thinks it's our special secret. It IS our special secret. You can see how the camera captured all the little fog droplets that morning. The picture of him and I was actually taking at the bottom of the slide.

What's even funnier, is everytime we do this and we are eating breakfast in McDonald's prior to, he asks "Are we going to the park?" and I tell him yes, and his eyes just light up with joy. He doesn't seem to expect that we are doing it. He sees it as a treat that day. Then, when I drop him at school, he walks in bragging about how he was at the park playing. I say let the little guy brag! I'm happy that I can give him something to brag about.

Just wanted to let you in on our little secret. So . . . shhhhhhh . . . . let's just keep this between us, okay? ;-)

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  1. VERY sweet memory... and one I'm sure T.J. will truly treasure! You're such a wonderful friend, but an even more incredible mother! =)


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