Monday, April 7, 2008


This little doggie makes me so happy. I found the pattern to make him on the Allsorts blog (see in my 'Blogs I Visit') and I made the little guy a few weekends ago. T.J. couldn't wait until I finished him and named him "Checkers" when I was done (one of T.J.'s favorite board games right now). Friday was BIG stuffed animal day in his class but he said he wasn't going to bring a big one, he wanted to bring Checkers. I will admit, I'm kind of protective of Checkers right now, maybe because it took me several hours to hand sew the darn little guy.


  1. Awe, I love it!! And look at you, poster of the week! hehe.. j/k.. Of course T.J. likes it... his mommy is the bomb!

  2. Wow Kimmy! How the heck do you find the time? Very well done...and I LOVE the name! :)


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