Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lookie here, a new post from me!

Okay, so, uh, I haven't written anything since Christmas and I'm trying to get organized and I have blogs on Google Reader that I read and I figured that I should give everyone else something to read that has my blog on their Google Reader even though they might see the (1) next to my blog on Reader and wonder if there is an ant on their screen or something. Wow, that was a run on sentence. So what's new here in mountainville? Ah, nothing I guess, I mean, everything because I am never home because I basically am my son's entourage. Soccer, Drama Club, First Communion Class, Cub Scouts. Then on weekends I play catch up trying to dig out my car and find all the stuff that goes with these aforementioned events for the week to start all over again. Note: soccer shin guards make the car really smelly if you leave them in there overnight and is it a sin if you leave a rosary in your trunk? (In my defense, it hasn't been blessed yet). Oh yeah, and my son's favorite pair of soccer socks are the ones that have the dried on gum on one of the feet. They've been washed so many times and the gum is embedded in the fabric. But they are his lucky soccer socks because of that. So now everytime he puts them on I think of what a horrible mom I am because he's wearing socks with ABC (already been chewed if you're not in the know on that term) gum on them, granted, dried and sanitized but ABC nonetheless. Plus the fact that somehow this happened last season while his shoe was still on his foot because there was gum inside the shoe (which I did clean off) and that's how it got on the bottom of his sock. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? Ponder ponder ponder . . . sheesh, nevermind, it just does.

How about I stop rambling now and post a picture? I think this is kind of how I feel today, I'll let you add your own caption:


  1. Yes, I did think the Reader was acting up w/ that (1)! hehe... Ewwww on the stinky shin guards! Is that part of the "welcome to having a boy" world? lol.. If it makes you feel better, K usually has stinky feet! haha.. They sweat terribly and well, I just hope it passes. Good to see an update and what a funny pic!

  2. Love the picture Kim! And I can relate to digging out the car. OY! I need to, but I just can't get motivated. I think I'll have the kids do it.

    And yes Ryan's shin pads are nasty. I need to wash them daily.


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