Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Seriously, it was one of those moments . . .

You know, you're just minding your own business, wasting a little time between having to be here and having to be there. Teej and I decided to stop at an antique mall in town, one of those places you pass everyday but never stop. Hadn't been there in years. I was on the hunt for an 'open all night' vintage sign for my scrap room (wouldn't that be awesome in there?). Anyhow, I digress, so we walk in and are walking down one of the aisles and my youngling stops short and is mesmerized and has this frozen-in-half-fear-half-awe look on his face. He points, he mumbles, he breathes . . . "ZOLTAR"!!!

I look, I see, I believe! Now, having seen the movie "Big" more times then we could count we both knew who Zoltar was and what Zoltar could do. The scrapbooker in me of course grabs my camera (an appendage to myself) and clicks away. The scrapbooker in me also knows I need to get my son in Zoltar's personal space to get a picture of the both of them. Young Son wasn't budging though. I think his soccer cleats actually went through the carpet and held on. Yup. After much coaxing on my part, he eventually got near enough to the thing for me to snap a picture. He even stuck a dollar in it for his fortune. Alas, Zoltar was a re-creation and not an original, the tell tale sign being that he took dollar bills and not ancient egyptian coins and spit out lottery numbers along with your fortune.

Did it really matter though? No, not really. Especially when Teej got down on his knees and started looking for the electrical cord. Not only in the aisle Zoltar was in, but in the adjacent aisle as well. He was not going to rest until he found the source of Zoltar's soul, mainly his 120v plug. Found it he did, he followed the duct taped down and carpeted over cord to the socket and proudly crossed his arms and proclaimed that Zoltar was, indeedy do without a doubt, plugged in. He looked at me smugly until the moment Zoltar said "You, over there, come close to me." and with that, we left (didn't see any reason to push our luck).

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