Saturday, January 16, 2010

my kitty

I love my kitties, I told DH before we got married to be prepared, that I will always have cats. Perhaps one day I will turn into the neighborhood cat lady, that old lady that lives up the road with all those cats. I try to keep us at a two cat limit. We've been known to have three at a time, but two is our comfort level (okay, truth be told, two is our meet in the middle compromise, I'd probably have three, DH, well, he'd probably have none, he's a dog man). Anyhow, I digress, I'm here to post about my sweet little kitty "Little Ki Ki" (which her name didn't start out as that, it was supposed to be "Minou", but we always call her "Little Ki Ki"). So, I was happily scrapping, I went and got my acrylic paints out of my Scrappertainment Center (a converted wooden entertainment center now holding scrap supplies) and when I went back to put my paints away found this:

I had left the doors open and she crawled into the one available spot so of course I had to grab the camera and snap a picture! Isn't she sweet? Now does it get any better then this? My favorite hobby mixed with my favorite animal. ;-)

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