Tuesday, April 6, 2010

ruh roh!

Seems it has been a tad since I've posted. Well, I've been obsessed with thrift store shopping and reading everyone else's crafting blogs. It's a vicious cycle. Plus my bird obsession. Oy! It doesn't help that I live in a small town that HASN'T seemed to jump on the bandwagon. I mean, c'mon, I bet every craft store in the world had speckled eggs around Easter time, but do you think I could find any here? Noooooooo. And let's just say my patience was wearing mighty thin trying to paint my son's plastic eggs and speckle them, not to mention it didn't work too good with acrylic paints (which is why my fingers were speckled blue as well). But they lasted long enough to look okay on my Easter table display . . . which by the by I didn't even take a picture of . . . imagine it, bird's nests, handmade speckled eggs, glass domes, white tablecloth, speckled peanut butter M&M's in individual glass bowls (hey, at least THOSE came speckled, jeesh). It was kind of pretty actually. But yeah, no picture.

I promise to do better next time. Much better. Really. Honest. With a speckle painted plastic egg on top.

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