Monday, May 3, 2010

It's Teacher Appreciation Week!

Ya gotta love teachers! They have more patience then, well, me, that's for sure.
So it's Teacher Appreciation Week . . . time to shower them with LOVE!

I was kinda sorta voluntold from another mom that I needed to come up with the teacher gift. So I wracked my brain (that was the clunking you heard over the weekend) because my son's teacher is going away on a mission trip next year so I didn't want to get her just stuff to keep, I wanted to get her  disposable things or something she could bring with her.

So I went to the Dollar Tree . . . ah, home away from home, and picked up some little goodies (socks, manicure set, fancy schmancy hand soap, chocolate kisses) to give her one little goody each day, then a gift card (probably to Wally World, still have to pick that up) from the whole class on Friday.

I wanted to tie in everything with cards and guess what? The word "TEACH" has five letters! Perfect! So I made 5 cards, one for each day, with each letter on the front, then inside each card it says something like "T is for Terrific, Talented, Tremendous, Thoughtful Teacher! - Happy Day #1 of Teacher Appreciation Week.!"  Then the "E" card would have something similar only with "E" words, etc.

Get it? Got it? Good! Then here's the pic:

All made out of scrap pieces of scrap paper and my Cricut of course! The flowers are felt flowers by Making Memories.

So she will get a card/gift each day through Friday.

I was proud of myself for getting all 5 cards done in one day, instead of putting myself under the gun and finishing each one the night before she is supposed to get it (not that I procrastinate or anything, nope, not me, wouldn't even think of that, uh uh).

Until next time!

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