Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Re-Vamped Cloche

Remember the cloche I made way back when I jumped on the cloche bandwagon 'cause I just had to have one? Well, I finally took out the spring decoration in it and converted it to fall, or to be more specific, Halloween.

Spring Cloche:

Halloween Cloche:

Courtesy of a ceramic pumpkin and crow from the Dollar Tree. Then I just put it on top of the books on my mantel.

I have fallen in love with my cloche all over again. Trust me, every house needs one.

My husband brought home another cheeseboard for me he found at a swap shop. Sigh! That's true love when they actually see something like that and think "Wow! The wife would love that old skanky thing because she can make a craft out of it!" Yup, true love.  I'm thinking of making a Christmas cloche. Can you imagine the possibilities???

Here are the cloche instructions if interested:

Wow, two posts from me in two days. That calls for the banana dance dude:

You just wasted 5 minutes watching him dance didn't you? Huh? Didn't you?


  1. Very creative. Great "how to" instructions. Neat that you can use the cloche, year round. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It's cute, I like that you used silver on your cloche, it's more unusual that the rest of us have been doing. Nice.

  3. Nice change-up, and , yes, I did watch the banana dance for a minute!


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