Thursday, April 15, 2010

When life gives lemons . . . decorate!

Remember those lemons from last week's thrift store score (6 plastic lemons for $1)? Well, here's what I did with them. I have this junk/catch all counter in my kitchen. I'm sure none of you have one of those. Heck, sometimes it seems my whole house is a catch all. Sigh. But I digress.  Anyhoosiewhatsie, here is what that end counter of my kitchen looks like every most days:

No, that's not a science project growing in the tupperware, it's my son's tadpoles. Yes, I cover my stove rings with foil like your grandma did. Heh heh.

So, at first I thought I was going to put the lemons in my newly made cloche, but it's waaaay too fancy for my kitchen and didn't look right:

So then I tried using this thingie that my mom gave me eons ago when she was decluttering that has been sitting inside a cabinet for about 10 years:

I really like the color of this bowl, but it still didn't look right, it just looked like, well, lemons in a bowl with a lid next to it.

So then I started shopping in my house for other stuff I could use and remembered my small white enamelware collection and so got down my berry bucket:

Ohhh, that's better!

But it still needs more . . . stuff. So I was going to sit down and make some Paper Dogwood Blossoms from this tutorial posted over at Sweet Something Designs but then I said to myself "Self, to heck with that, just go march your not so little behind up in them there mountains behind the house and break you off a branch of 'em." So I did. I mean, granted they won't last long, but I decided this is going to be my wildflower display station throughout the summer.

So I got another piece of my enamelware (a pitcher) to hold my dogwood blossom branches and put that green thingie back in the line up and here is the result:

And because I like to show the 'big picture' here is what it looks like.

So see? It all started with 6 lemons for $1.

From this:

To this:

I'm also hoping this is the end of that counter being a catchall but I have a feeling the tadpoles will soon be swimming happily under dogwood blossoms.

Ah well!


  1. Great little vingette! Love the lemon yellow green and white!

  2. Your final vignette looks great!!


    p.s. found you via FJI.

  3. Your final arrangement is so fresh and springy! I love the colors together.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comment. Please feel free to drop by anytime!

  4. So pretty! I love when you can use things you have around the house too!

  5. Great job, love the green and yellow with the dogwood. Thanks for sharing.


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