Friday, April 1, 2011

April Mantel Reveal

Ahhh, April!

 A month filled with possibilities. When I think of April I definitely think of spring and Easter and things blooming and critters hopping around and starting a garden (well, my husband does that, my thumb is decidedly brown). Anyway, this month was filled with so many choices for mantel decorating! I actually decided to go with all of it, spring, Easter, things blooming, starting a garden and critters.

First and foremost I went outside and got my praying garden bunny. He is SO sweet. But he has been sitting outside for many, many years and was covered in green moss. I scrubbed him up the best I could and gave him his own spot inside a twig wreath on the left side of the mantel.

I put a little enamelware pail with a lettuce plant in it next to him, you know, in case he wants a snack. Added a seed packet of lettuce as well.

Then I got one of my old lanterns, a few old books and some more lettuce and set up a little vignette on the right side of the mantel.

I have also been busy making some paper dogwood blossoms. Sweet Something Designs gives an awesome tutorial for them HERE.

More inspiration came from Pottery Barn to make some letter eggs. Made mine by modge podging white copy paper over plastic eggs and adding a cut out letter (and more modge podge for good measure).

Hot glue gunned the dogwood blossoms to some sticks (courtesy of the great outdoors) and added the modge podge eggs and voila!

Hmmm, my "N" is a little low. Might have to fix that.

Close up of the eggs and flowers:

Want to see it all put together?

Okay, here we go!

Kept the garden gate and barbed wire from last month. Sprinkled some more blossoms around the mantel and gave garden bunny the ball of twine so it looks like he's hanging the eggs (I know that's a stretch but humor me). :-)

Plus the only thing I bought for this month's mantel was the lettuce plants and seed packets. So the whole thing was under $5.00. Woo hoo!

Thanks for looking!

Until next time,

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  1. Poppin' in from Redefining C to see your gate hinges. ;) I love your gate!!! Thanks for stopping by Redefining C and leaving your blog address.

  2. Kim it's lovely! The gate and the eggs with the letters just make my heart skip a beat! Thanks for linking this up to my party! Look forward to seeing what you have to share again next week =)

  3. What a beautiful spring mantel! I love your praying bunny.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  4. Hi Kim!

    I wanted to say thank you for following my blog and also that I am in love with your mantels you create for each season! The tree in this one is amazing--twigs, flowers, eggs, and a spring message?! FANTASTIC! I know people will just love this :)

    Thank you again and be sure to check out the Little Things Giveaway today and tell your friends! :)

    Have a wonderful day Kim!


  5. It looks great!!! And so does the new blog look!


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