Sunday, April 10, 2011

Garden Bicycle

I think I may have mentioned before that I have a brown thumb.


But that's okay because brown is my favorite color.

However, I do love spring and flowers and things blooming and watching my husband plant things that actually grow and don't turn my favorite color. I give kudos to all you green thumb gardeners out there.

So I've been seeing cute little garden bicycle planters around the internet. Ones that were made to be planters, not a bicycle that somebody rode for years and years and years and it got all rusty and yucky and your husband finds it in a trash heap and drags it home and you stick it way in the backyard out of sight and out of mind until you start seeing all those bicycle planters on the internet.

Oh yeah.

So lo and behold I walk into our doller store and find exactly what I had been looking for, some wire baskets and that basket filler stuff, which I'm sure you gardeners out there know the scientific name for, but to me it's basket filler stuff. 

Then I pulled out the rusty old bicycle, complete with dry rotted tires, and cleaned it up. Well, hosed it down anyway.

I really wasn't too sure about this, but continued.

I love when my son wants to help, so he hooked up his old tractor (given to us for free, don't worry, there is no cutting deck/blades on it) to our trailer and carted everything to our garden spot.

We then zip tied the baskets to the bicycle (ya gotta love zip ties). Note the concentration, he was really into the zip tieing.

After that, we put potting soil and ivy in the basket filler thingies then put them in the baskets. I decided on ivy as I'm hoping it will grow and trail down and out of the baskets.

Isn't it pretty? Well, not sure pretty, but fun? Unique? Rusty?

Next to my weeping cherry (love) and my old garden seat.

I know, our grass is still in a sorry state, but it should perk up soon. I just wanted to get some pictures while the weeping cherry was still in bloom.

Thanks for looking!

Until next time,

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  1. That will look so pretty when it starts growing and draping off the basket. U and UR son had such a great time doing this. Loved it.

  2. I love old bikes in the garden, the rustier the better, yours looks great!

  3. Very cute! I can't wait for garden time here. My favorite color is brown too:) Your newest follower....hope you can visit me sometime soon!

  4. Good idea....looks great. I love bikes in the garden too. I think I use to own a bike like that many moons ago! Love your post, looking forward to more. Diane

  5. Wow -- you may have a 'brown' thumb but you have a great eye to see past the "obvious" and see what "can be"! Beautiful!

  6. Hi Kim, Just became your newest follower. Found your blog thru your link with with Funky Junk Interiors. I love your bike. Would have never thought of the baskets from the $store. Great idea. Will be so pretty when the ivy starts hanging down. I have an old white bike out front, but have yet planted flowers in its basket . Love visiting the Great Smokey Mts. Usually about 3 times a yr. Any ideas on backroad shops that would be off the beaten path and fun to visit? Hope you can find time to stop by Thur Nanas Window and visit for a spell. Would love for you to follow me back. Will visit you often. Have a great day.

  7. Adorable! I garden but don't have many cute containers, will be looking for a bike!

    Would love to see you share it at my link party!


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