Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Mantel

Boy these months are sure flying by, especially when you are on a mantel redo deadline.

So, let's just cut to the chase. This mantel actually came together just this past weekend. I had pictured in my head all month to do May's mantel with some sort of picture banner and birdhouses. Well, I never could find anything I wanted to make the birdhouse craft out of. So plan B was burlap. I've been really liking burlap a lot lately and thought I would make a burlap banner with a nest theme (being that it's Mother's Day month and all).

So first, I got 1 yard of brown burlap at our Walmart for just under $3. They had a pretty light green moss burlap too, but I stuck with the brown. Then I got a humongoid size roll of freezer paper for just under $6. I really didn't want to buy that big a role but now if I come into a lot of meat to freeze I'll be ready!

First, I cut 4 even triangles out of the burlap for my word (nest). Then I cut out a stencil using the freezer paper and my cricut (saw that handy dandy little tip online somewhere, sorry, don't remember!).

Cut out your stencil so that the shiny side of the freezer paper is face down. That's the part that will stick to your fabric when you iron your stencil to it. So, then, iron your stencil to your fabric.

Then take acrylic craft paint and dab it over the stencil. I actually didn't have a stencil brush so just used a cheapy foam brush and it worked perfectly.

Let dry (luckily it dries pretty fast because I am Ms. Impatient) and peel off stencil.

And voila! I was giddy excited at how super easy and fun this was. Banners for everyone!

Since I didn't want to sew or glue my banner triangles onto the hemp cord, I just used clothespins. I liked it, but then thought I would like it more if I painted the clothespins Oil Rubbed Bronze. Oh yeah.

What do you think, regular clothespins or oil rubbed bronze clothespins? I went with the ORB.

Then I got kind of cute-sie and decided to put the word "our" on top of the "nest" so back to stenciling on the burlap.

Did I mention how much fun that is to do? And easy? Try it!

Then I put the fabric around Mason jars and added little rocks, water and wild ferns that grow all around here. I will eventually add wildflowers as they start to bloom.

The mantel in its entirety:

There you have it. May's mantel.

Until next time,

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  1. Love it!! Your mantel turned out the burlap!!

  2. Hi! I've been trying to find the right decorations and style for our mantle/fireplace. Then I saw how you put the mirror inside and then pillar candles, and fell in love! Please, where did you purchase the mirror or how did you make it??


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